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CZE-7C FM RadioTransmitter

CZE-7C FM RadioTransmitter
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รายละเอียดสินค้า CZE-7C FM RadioTransmitter

CZE-7C FM RadioTransmitter
7W. Broadcast Radio FM Transmitter Kits
Technical Specification:
  * Power supply voltage: DC 10-14V (12V recommended)
  * Operating current: Less than 2A
  * Frequency range: 76 ~ 108Mhz
  * Frequency step: 100kHz
  * Frequency stabilization method: PLL
  * Frequency deviation: Less than ± 75kHz (100%)
  * Working method: True 24/7
  * Clutter and Harmonic: Less than -60dB
  * SNR: More than 60dB
  * Stereo channels crosstalk: -50dB
  * Audio frequency response: 20 to 15000Hz
  * Audio distortion: Less than 2%
  * Modulation: 15%
  * Input level:-13dBV (adjustable)
  * RF output impedance: 50 Ohm
  * RF output power: 1W/7W (Power can be switched)
  * Reference range: 5 Km - 10Km (A barrier-free environment)
  * Unit dimensions: 128mm(L) * 93mm(W) * 55mm(H)
*This FM stereo transmitter that can be used for factories, schools, supermarkets, farms, Office space or create your own radio station.
*Equipment using advanced modulation system and built-in PLL frequency, audio pre-emphasis, limiter, and low-pass filter circuit.
*The Control circuit board design and amplifier design to reduce noise, so sound quality is even better.
*Well-shielded, compact structure, small size, generous appearance, plug and play, very easy to use.
Package includes:
1*7w FM Transmitter(Black)
1*1/4 wave antenna 26ft coax cable
1* power supply(DC 12V 
1*Audio in cable
* Connect antenna first ,then connect the power supply, otherwise, transmitter will be burned out.
* Select an unused FM station in your area.


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